Team Awesome

Our team is growing at Better World Initiatives: I am thrilled to introduce to you Roxana Cojocaru. Our collaboration started already in 2014 at TEDxCERN, and now we are working together again on making the world a better place.

Roxana will be working on project management and development for our upcoming events:
– Golf for Kenya (March 2018)
– Golf for Mongolia (August 2018)
– Golf for Colombia (December 2018)

Per usual, the mission of our events is to promote sustainability in business and support impact investing in these emerging/frontier markets. After golf, we aim to expand to other sports, such as horse polo and sailing.

Helinä and Roxana at the Finland at CERN event in Geneva last week

In Europe, we are working on building bridges and improving the dialogue between science and business. In addition, we are supporting the anti-plastic movement and carbon-neutrality through different environmental projects.

You can also follow us on FacebookLinkedIn and Instagram.


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