Investing in a better world

Last week, Roxana & Helinä represented Better World Initiatives in Zug, at the SIIA Impact Summit. The inspiring speakers gave us great new ideas that we will use as building blocks for a better world.

Helinä and Roxana at the SIIA Summit in Zug

Some of the most fascinating initiatives were impact applications of the blockchain technology (Seratio Platform), the practical solutions of the Climate Leadership Council, and the Save-the-forest symposium hosted by Everland and Wildlife Works.

Professor Christoph Stückelberger shared his thoughts on the triple R investments: relations, risks, responsibility. Karl Heinz Richter spoke of the UNDP SDG Impact Finance (UNSIF) initiative, aiming to bring the private sector and public sector together through impact investment that yields competitive financial, social and environmental returns.

Happening at parallel in Zug, the Alliance of Religions and Conservation hosted a high-level event where more than 30 different faith traditions (from eight religions, representing over 500 faith investment groups and trillions of dollars in assets, as well as senior United Nations figures and leading impact investment funds) came together to work on creating a stronger commitment to impact investing.

Better World Initiatives builds on these connections and ideas to help build bridges between communities.

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