Who’s who: Helinä

HelinaHELINÄ PIIK (Founder, CEO) 

“Whenever I’m working on a new initiative, I start with ‘How can we help? What can we do?’ I work from the heart and am strongly motivated by giving and helping, which gives all of our projects more value in a natural way.” 

With a background in communications, PR and international event management, Helinä is the Founder and CEO of Better World Initiatives. Her mission is to create a kinder, more equal world through bold collaborations, sustainability and ethical value creation through business.

Helinä thrives in the world of innovative approaches to social change, and she believes in creating fundamental, long-lasting change by activating communities. For golfers, she has created Golf for a Better World, an event series focusing on developing countries (Golf for Nepal, Golf for Kenya – and more to come). Having spent a decade working in golf, Helinä has a deep understanding of the sport and the life of a professional golfer. Combining the world of investing with that of golf has given the event concept a unique flavor with groundbreaking impact.

The international, high-level interest in Golf for a Better World has encouraged Helinä to expand the concept to other high-end sports, such as horse polo and sailing. Sports for a Better World calls out to all sports enthusiasts to support sustainable economic growth in emerging and frontier markets. These high-class events have a true, lasting impact as they aim to become a permanent fixture in the world of sports doing good – as well as in impact investing.

Having twice contributed to organizing TEDxCERN, a big, international event in Geneva, Helinä understands science’s fundamental role in sustainability and conservation – which is the reason behind her motivation to build bridges between science and business.

In her previous assignments at Weber Shandwick and the Health On the Net Foundation, she has worked in healthcare. Her experience in the sector is vital in her role as Global Representative at Himore Medical, the company behind the award-winning Cardio-pad.

In 2015, before moving to London, Helinä founded Better World Events, a Geneva-based non-governmental organization with the mission of solving problems in impoverished communities around the world by giving a platform to any person with a big idea, and introducing them to potential partner organizations seeking solutions. Thus far, the event series has been featured in Nepal, Bangladesh and Burma.

Born in Helsinki, Finland, Helinä is based in London and speaks English, Finnish, French, Swedish, as well as some Spanish and German. 

Helinä’s profile on LinkedIn

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