The goal of the Mohamed Sheik Ali Fund for the Youth of Somalia is to create an impact fund helping Somali youth build a brighter future through work and education.

The fund will be managed professionally and supported by an advisory committee.

Through our crowdfunding campaign, we aim to raise 85,000 € before the end of 2018. These funds will be used to set up the fund, as well as given as grants to chosen projects in Somalia.

Our strategy is to accept further donations in 2019 and 2020, however our main focus is to attract impact investors who are committed to the Somali youth. These investors provide loans and investments to Somali startups.

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Why Better World Initiatives?
Our mission at Better World Initiatives is to create opportunities and build bold collaborations. Together with his family and closest friends, we aim to continue Mohamed’s work in Somalia, creating a brighter future for the youth. Through our networks, we are able to reach influencers around the world, as well as build a professionally run fund to support Somalia long-term.

For further details, please contact us at


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