Women on the Block – Live Webcast London

WOMEN ON THE BLOCK – Diversity Blockchain Conference

Live webcast in London independently organized by Better World Initiatives

Sunday, May 13, 2018, from 4pm to 10pm 
At The Wesley Hotel (Mandela Room), location: https://goo.gl/maps/iybmrReXvxT2
Tickets £30 (includes refreshments; max 20 people)

Come to attend an afternoon and evening of learning and thought leadership around blockchain technology. The goal of the event is to educate and empower women to become involved in the emerging and disruptive industry.

Net proceeds from this event will be earmarked to support girls and women in technology.

RSVP by email or phone before 3pm on Sunday! 

For all questions, please contact Helinä Piik at helina@betterworldinitiatives.com or +447831226061

Women on the Block: womenontheblock.io

Agenda (in UK time) 

|| 4:00 pm ||
Welcome Remarks
Alexandra Levin Kramer, CKR Law LLP & CKR Charitable Foundation volunteer 
|| 4:10 pm ||
The Honorable Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY), US House of Representatives 

|| 4:20 pm ||
Keynote: Building Blocks – What is Blockchain?
Sheri Kaiserman, Maco.la
|| 4:40 pm ||
Panel: Blockchain Use Cases & Studies
Moderated by Jamie Moy, Women@Forbes
Featuring: Susan Joseph, Susan Joseph LLC (Identity); Elizabeth Chee, HIT Foundation (Healthcare); Alicia Noel, Cultivati (Food Supply); Rachel Grace, womin.io (Human Resources); Anya Levitov, Verus (Real Estate); Reshma Kamath, Blockchain Research Institute (Supply Chain)
|| 5:20 pm ||
Keynote: Closing the Gap between Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Adoption
Perianne Boring, Founder & President, Chamber of Digital Commerce
|| 5:40 pm ||
Panel: Launching a Blockchain Startup
Moderated by Ayse Iyigundogdu, Financial Advisor
Featuring: Ronit Bacalu, Celsius Network; TongTong Gong, Amberdata; Nadia Chilmonik, Byzantine; Ada Jonuse, Lympo.io; Mina Jeong, M&K PR
|| 6:15 pm ||
Panel: Investing in Blockchain
Moderated by Tereza Nemessanyi, Microsoft
Featuring: Manana Samuseva, BuroHQ & Blockchain Crypto Media; Pelli Wang, Token Foundry @ ConsenSys; Liz Rabban, Celsius Network; Xinyi Chen, ChainVC
|| 6:45 pm ||
Coffee Break
|| 7:00 pm ||
Tatiana Moroz
|| 7:15 pm ||
Keynote: Blockchain Challenges and Opportunities: the View from the European Parliament
Eva Kaili, European Parliament Member and Chair of its Science and Technology Options Assessment body
|| 7:35 pm ||
Panel: Word of Law – Blockchain Law & Regulations
Moderated by Kristie Blase, CKR Law LLP
Featuring: Elizabeth Lan Davis, Murphy & McGonigle PC; Alanna Gombert, MetaX; Perianne Boring, Chamber of Digital Commerce; Nissa Szabo, bloXroute; Ramona Tudorancea, Loeb Smith
|| 8:10 pm ||
Panel: Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts
Moderated by Sarah Azouvi, University College London
Featuring: Artiona Bogo, SAP Blockchain; Anna Vladi, Women4blockchain; Inna Raykhman, Fungible Network; Karen Ottoni, Hyperledger; Liang Downey, IBM
||8:40 pm ||
Keynote: Being the Change – The Story of the Wyoming Blockchain Bills in the Equality State
Caitlin Long, Wyoming Blockchain Coalition
|| 9:00 pm ||
Panel: Blockchain Innovation Globally
Moderated by Alexandra Levin Kramer, CKR Law, LLP
Featuring: Rachel Pipan, Bitfury (Republic of Georgia); Sima Baktaş, startupblockchain.io (Turkey); Katrina Donaghy, Civic Ledger (Australia); Therese Helland, The Kasbah Hub (Norway); Cecilia Müller-Chen, Comply Now (Switzerland)
|| 9:40 pm ||
Panel: Blockchain in Humanitarian and Economic Development
Moderated by Cindy Chin, CLC Advisors LLC
Featuring: Lesly Goh, World Bank Group; Jane Thomason, Abt Associates; Georgie Benardete, Align17; Fennie Wang, ixo foundation; Dawn Jutla, PeerLedger.com



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